The smtptrapd program is a multi-threaded daemon that provides a RFC 2821 compliant SMTP service that always returns a 4xx soft error or 5xx hard error to the RCPT TO verb.


September 21 2010: Version 1.6 has been released with some enhancements
May 22 2008: Moved project to SourceForge
April 15 2008: Version 1.5 has been released with a pid file enhancement from John Ferlito.
December 6 2007: Version 1.4 has been released with a minor enhancement/bug fix contributed by Tom Knaupp.
July 4 2006: Version 1.3 has now been released and contains a number of bug fixes contributed by Joseph Tam.


Download the source code: smtptrapd-1.6.tar.gz.

You can compile it by running 'make' with 'make linux' or 'make solaris'.

Patches and Bug Reports

Patches and Bug Reports to the author via SourceForge.